Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision is to create a better world through education, integrity and cultural understanding. We understand the diversity and backgrounds of the various cultures within our industry, but affirm the all-important need for professionalism.

Our mission is to provide future hospitality industry leaders with the practical training, educational and cultural awareness skills necessary to succeed in today's global economy while fostering international goodwill and friendship. Our students master scarce professional skills, obtaining high levels of the specialised knowledge needed to excel in the competitive hospitality environment and to enable them to successfully work anywhere in the world.

Our core values and guiding principles are motivated by our vision. We aim to create a better world through education and to do so with integrity and by fostering cultural understanding.

The Private Hotel School is proudly internationally minded and we promote and celebrate diversity and understanding among our students, academic team, industry partners and the various communities we operate in. We value quality and our reputation for maintaining exacting and high standards. We continuously emphasise the importance of positive work values and ethics, not only through our theoretical training, but also through the practical training we afford our students.

We value partnership and achieve our goals through working together in ways that are mutually beneficial. We take pride in engaging in business with integrity and we make our decisions based on honesty and ethical behaviour.


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