Mr Aviv Liebenberg: Head Chef
Mr Aviv Liebenberg: Head Chef
Aviv did his training at Silwood School of Cookery in 2005. His first experience in a restaurant kitchen was at Reuben’s in Franschhoek working with Chef Reuben Riffel, this is where he fell in love with the speed and precision of a professional kitchen. He started working at Terrior full time in 2007 with Chefs Micheal Broughton and Nic van Wyk. He then moved to Bouillabaisse in Franschhoek where he worked as Head Chef. In 2009 Chef Reuben Riffel approached him to open up his second restaurant at The Robertson Small Hotel, during this time he offered Aviv the position as executive Sous Chef to help Chef Maritz Jacobs with the opening and running of his third restaurant at the One & Only Cape Town. In 2012 he went to Tokara restaurant where he worked as Sous Chef, learning the techniques of modernist cooking and molecular gastronomy. Again in 2013 he helped Chef Reuben to open up his fourth restaurant in Paternoster at Abalone House & Spa. Then he made a move back to Tokara as Head Chef at the Tokara Deli. He decided that he needed a different avenue in his cooking career and lecturing was his first choice, that is when he joined The Private Hotel School. Training and inspiring the next generation of young chefs is a great passion of Aviv.
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